Production techniques

The Farming Method for Sea Salt

Salt is obtained naturally either by under-ground mining or from sea water.  The Salins are the only European group to use all three production techniques.

Brine, which normally comes from seawater, naturally becomes more and more concentrated on the salt marshes as the sun and the wind evaporate it.

Water pumped from the sea flows either naturally with gravity or using pumping stations over a succession of manmade ponds.  The water covers a long distance before finally reaching the crystallizing tables as saturated brine.  Thanks to the natural evaporation process (from the wind and the sun) the salt then crystallizes and settles on the beds of the salt tables.

The Vacuum Process for Igneous or Vacuum Salt

Underground salt deposits, the remnants of ancient seas, are dissolved by injecting fresh water.  The brine (highly concentrated salt water) is then brought to the surface where it undergoes vacuum evaporation in huge vats – evaporators – where the salt crystallizes.

The Mining Technique for Rock Salt

The salt known as “rock salt” is extracted from underground mines in the form of blocks.  These mines are thousands of years old and were formed when the oceans evaporated leaving behind a salt crust which can be several meters thick in places.