Men and professions

Customer Services Experts

The history of the Salins Group is first and foremost a human adventure.  Guarantors of acknowledged expertise, the men and the women of the Group put their skills, professionalism and enthusiasm to work for the satisfaction of their Clients and the development of the company.

With 1500 staff, the Salins Group strive to be a model in their Human Resources management and is totally committed to responsible development.  They offer a large choice of professions, some of which are highly specialized, with a range of opportunities for everyone, from beginners to the most experienced workers.

The Passion of Men

Trained and accompanied, our staff develop a strong sense of professionalism both individually and as a team, which makes the company stand out from its peers and is rewarding for the individual members.  All across the board, no matter what the job, best practices mixed with the individual know-how of our experienced staff help to create a real group effort which feeds the common ambition of our teams and the overall Vision of the company:

For the Group to be the reference in our domain and to assert ourselves as the Expert across the field

Develop unique personal skills

The Salins Group are a hotbed of “classical” work domains (sales, back-office, marketing, logistics…) and also in other more specific areas : rock salt production (miners), sea or solar salt production (salt farmers), R&D…

Thanks to the expertise and the commitment of their staff, today, more than 18 000 clients worldwide have put their faith in the Salins Group.