Introduction and installations

More than 150 years of existence

The Salins Group have been in existence for over 150 years and today have more than 1 500 employees who, every day, in a quest for responsible development, strive to produce high quality salt and help contribute to the success of their industrial clients and the satisfaction of their consumers.

The Salins Group are one of the main European salt producers and the only “pure salt producer” exclusively dedicated to the production and commercialization of salt.

They are also the only European producer who are experts in the 3 different salt production techniques – solar, vacuum and rock salt.  They can supply salt in all its forms, be it untreated or conditioned and for all types of use: food-grade, farming, the chemical industry, de-icing, water treatment and other industrial activities.

 Salins Group’s installations

Thanks to this experience, today the Group’s production capacity is 4 million tons of salt per year, taking into account their industrial production facilities in France, Spain, Italy, Tunisia and Senegal.  Their logistics and sales departments are over and above the countries where the Group is implanted industrially and are now present on an international scale.

Download Salins Group Installation Map (PDF)