Salt & Food

Salt for human consumption has a tripe role:

  • it enhances the flavor of food (flavoring agent)
  • it is vital for the good health of our bodies.  Thanks to the minerals contained in salt, nerve signals are perfectly transmitted to our brains, our muscles contract and our kidneys work properly making sure we are correctly hydrated
  • it contributes to food preservation by stopping micro-organism from multiplying.

The Salins Group offers a whole range of table and cooking salt to meet your needs whatever they may be, Fleur de Sel, fine salt, coarse salt, white salt or gray salt to enhance the flavor of your dishes and recipes be it for everyday use or a fine dining experience, there is always a type of salt to fit the occasion.

Naturally white sea-salt comes from the salt marshes on the Mediterranean coast.  It is harvested respecting time old traditions.  Gray salt is harvested on the unique clay soil of the Atlantic coast.  This salt is naturally rich in Magnesium.  And then there is the Fleur de Sel, an outstanding product, held in high esteem by connoisseurs, harvested by hand and chosen with the upmost care to preserve its unique, distinctly crunchy flavor.

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In the food industry, salt is used for its organoleptic (flavor enhancing), technological (preservation, water retention, cultivation of specific flora on the cheese, etc…) and technical (controlling processes) properties.  Each product and each production process have their own specific type of salt.

The Salins Group work with companies in the food industry to provide them with the type of salt that meets their needs in terms of production processes and flavor enhancement for ready-made meals, cheese, butter, curing, fish and bakery products.

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