Salt is necessary in animal feed to replace the sodium chloride lost in their sweat, excrement and milk.  It also plays a role in the growth and the productivity of herbivorous cattle as there is very little salt present in their natural diet.

It fulfils four main functions:

  • A nutritional function
  • An appetite stimulant
  • A vector for minerals and trace elements
  • A preserving agent for feed and hay

The nutrients are mixed with the feed (for housed animals) and in salt blocks or licks which the animal has free access to, depending on their needs, and with no risk of excess absorption.  Salt stones can also be used to help medicinal products be ingested.

 Salt is not only a foodstuff, it is also a preserving agent whose drying properties are used in forage: it prevents the hay from rotting and preserves its nutritive qualities, this is especially the case for the high energy grasses (the leaves) and pulses (small leaves) and it helps preserve the organoleptic properties, color, texture (the hay is softer) and taste too.

The Salins Group, specialist in salt products for livestock, has a complete range of salt for agricultural use, for the specific needs of all livestock that require sodium chloride: licking blocks of pure salt or salt with added minerals and trace elements, salt buckets, bags of salt, etc…

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