De-icing salt

The need for winter up-keep on the road network is obvious, as much for economic reasons as for safety reasons: getting rid of snow and black ice on the roads, apart from reducing the number of accidents and material damage, also lowers fuel consumption which in turn leads to fuel saving which helps maintain economic activities, especially for transport companies.

only ever enough stock for a single week) and its extreme irregularity.  The instant needs may be huge (up to 100 000 tons a day for the whole of France) therefore both the salt producer and their clients must be forward thinking and make sure there is enough salt available.

In France, winter de-icing salt is mainly produced:

  • in the Salins Group Salt Mine in Varangéville, near Nancy, perfectly situated in north-eastern France.
  • on the Salins Group Salt Marshes in Salin-de-Giraud, in the Camargue region, this is situated just next to the River Rhône meaning the salt can be easily transported in an ecological manner to the end users via high capacity barges.

“Forward” stockpiling (in areas closer to the end user) and the sales of this de-icing salt are carried out by the company ROCK, a subsidiary of the Salins Group based in Mulhouse.

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